• When Christmas Isn’t Merry

      When Christmas Isn’t Merry

      ‘Tis just days before Christmas and all through the house is a feeling of loneliness having been betrayed by my spouse. No stockings are hung and the chimney is bare, I am home yet wishing …Read More
    • On My Worst Day

      On My Worst Day

      In this season of hustle, bustle, and holiday stress, it is easy to lose your cool. This got me thinking about my worst days. On my worst day, I am short with fellow shoppers, drivers, …Read More
    • To “D” or Not to “D”, That is the Question

      To “D” or Not to “D”, That is the Question

      When walking with women devastated by marital betrayal, the question of whether to divorce inevitably comes up in the groups. Outside of the groups, I am often asked, “What percentage of marriages does Hope After …Read More
    • A Good Reminder

      A Good Reminder

      When I am frustrated by seeming injustice, inequality, or even inactivity when I want to see action, I remember this verse. It helps me to pause and reflect on the truth that there is One …Read More
    • Godly Grief

      Godly Grief

      Godly grief may seem like an oxymoron at first. Doesn’t being a daughter or son of the Almighty God give you a pass on pain? After all, we learn in Romans 8:28 that all things …Read More
    • Happy 4th of July!

      Happy 4th of July!

      When it comes to Independence Day, most people think of picnics and fireworks, yet having grown up in a military family, this day has a deeper meaning. When I was young, my father was away …Read More
    • Spring


      I love spring. Even when I lived in So. California and there was no shortage of sun, the light of spring seemed different. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I look forward to …Read More
    • Out From the Cold

      Out From the Cold

      This is the time of year for lights, packages, and a frenzied pursuit of the “Merry” that is Christ-mas. Even in the Christian community we buy in to the “make it special” mind set with …Read More
    • Degreasing


      There is a sticky substance that once it gets into my heart and mind, seems to grow. If left un-checked, soon I’m drowning. I had to deal with this black goop a lot after my …Read More
    • A Tale of Two Pretties!

      I was enjoying the graduation party of my friend’s son this weekend when the idea for this blog jumped into my head. I was looking at this good looking high school graduate about to take …Read More
    • Perspectives


      Sometimes a word keeps coming up as if the Lord wants me to pay particular attention. Perspective seems to be the word of this season. I had the pleasure of spending three weeks welcoming my …Read More
    • Season of New!

      Season of New!

      Have you ever been thrown into a new job or situation knowing little of what was ahead? It happened last year for me with Hope After Betrayal Ministries. Every day was like turning a new …Read More
    • Unclean


      I recently went to a Christian conference and everywhere I went people asked what my ministry was. Over and over people would get uncomfortable when I mentioned my book, “Hope After Betrayal” and the ministry …Read More
    • Picking Up Grain

      Picking Up Grain

      If you are familiar with the story of Ruth, you will recall that Boaz offers help by allowing her to follow behind during harvest and pick up any dropped wheat. She doesn’t have to pick …Read More