I love spring. Even when I lived in So. California and there was no shortage of sun, the light of spring seemed different. Now that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I look forward to the explosion of pink and white petals which seems to come out of nowhere. When those first fruit trees burst forth their floral announcement of spring, something comes alive in me. Something called Hope.

There have been years, when the changing season was all I had to hold onto. When the winter is long or particularly harsh, memories of spring have kept me going. It should be no surprise that I decorate in spring hues and floral accents all year long. I like having reminders around me that point to the eternal promise of restoration and redemption for there will always be another spring around the corner.

The promise of longer days and warmer weather gives me new energy. The world feels friendlier as neighbors linger at their mailboxes and kids play outside. Spring brings peace, fun, and renewal. For me this year, spring comes on the heels of a bad flu bug which made the scent of hope all the more appealing.

I pray that regardless of the season your heart is in, as you look around at the new buds, flowering trees, and Easter decor, you can let the greater promise of new life sink deep into your soul. Know that whatever you are dealing with right now will not last forever. Spring is the best time to stand firm on this eternal promise, and soak in the “Son-shine”—for in Christ is all hope. Just like seeing buds on a fruit tree assures us fruit is on the way, knowing Christ in our hearts ensures our place in heaven someday. Restoration is coming; healing is coming; and God’s goodness is as eternal as spring.

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