When Christmas Isn’t Merry

Sad Woman at Christmas

Sad Woman at Christmas‘Tis just days before Christmas and all through the house
is a feeling of loneliness having been betrayed by my spouse.
No stockings are hung and the chimney is bare,
I am home yet wishing I was any where but there.

Every channel is airing some cheery holiday show,
If feels like everyone’s going somewhere I can’t go.
I try to remember that feeling of cheer,
but I can’t seem to find a small drop for this year.

There’s pain and some guilt topped off with regret,
Then sadness overwhelms as my cheeks become wet.
“Get up” I tell myself and “Get over yourself,
So I pull out my favorite Christmas movie—Elf.

Two bags of chips later topped off with ice cream,
I’m ready to loose it and let out a scream.
When out on the lawn my eyes caught a soft glow.
As the light of the moon illuminated the snow.

As I’m stopped by the sparkles outside on the lawn,
I hear a small voice and understanding dawns.
“You are not alone, you are loved and I’m here”
Such words weren’t from me as He added, “My dear”.

My God had not left He had collected my tears
and I knew that I would get through the rest of my years.
As my faith reignited, it soared out of sight
and I heard, “Merry Christmas, dear one, and good night.”

Meg Wilson

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  1. Becky
    December 11, 2017, 4:53 am   /  Reply

    Thank you! I needed this reminder. This is my second Christmas since and for some reason its harder than last year. Bless you!

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