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HopeAfterBetrayal“There’s good news — hope is real. Regardless of what your husband has done, or is doing, there’s always hope for those who seek help. I’ve seen people do the messy work that results in the beauty of healing. I understand the joy of catching a glimmer of light where darkness once reigned. I’ve been to depths of pain unimaginable, only to find that God was deeper still. His peace and healing are within your grasp, too. You can be whole again. You can experience hope after betrayal. I can say emphatically, this is work worth doing.”

Meg’s husband, Dave, has added his voice and wisdom for the final chapter of the book in a Q & A format, here is one of the questions:

How do you feel about Meg writing this book?

At first I was hesitant and fearful. The prospect of having thousands of people knowing my story was overwhelming. I prayed and sought God’s direction. I discussed it with a few very close friends and ultimately decided I had to trust God and surrender to His will. I have to confess that my main concern was selfish: “What about my reputation?” Once I turned that over to God, the decision was easy. Let God do His work, taking what was meant for evil and using it for good.

It amazes me that, the first time I shared a bit of my story, a number of men said that they’ve struggled with pornography. I’m not alone nor is my situation unique—sexual addiction is more prevalent than you might think. The only way to start dealing with it is by having it exposed and discussed. I can’t change what has happened, and I’ll always regret the choices I’ve made. But I can also continue to move forward, focus on, and share the amazing grace that God bestows upon us all.

“Taken from Hope After Betrayal : Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage. © 2007 by Meg Wilson. Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.”

What other Authors are saying about “Hope After Betrayal”

“Definitive hope for spouses feeling lost and broken due to sexual addiction. Meg Wilson understands the tragedy of addiction and the wisdom in rebuilding.”
—J. R. Mahon

“Hope After Betrayal is a strong and sure lifeline that thousands of women will reach for in a drowning moment. Meg offers careful, clear direction and encouragement in each chapter while unveiling the truth about sexual addiction. The final chapter, written by Meg’s husband, will change every woman’s opinion on the topic. This valuable tool should be required reading for every wife and every mother of sons.”
—Robin Jones Gunn
Best-selling author of Take Flight!, a Sisterchicks devotional

“Hope After Betrayal is honest, practical, and challenging. Best of all, it’s faithful to God’s Word. A woman betrayed by her husband will connect with this book because it offers the ring of truth and great hope for true healing. Meg clearly identifies with the feelings of the betrayed and doesn’t minimize consequences. At the same time she challenges readers to look deep within at what God wants to accomplish in their own lives.”
—Randy Alcorn
Author of Deception and Heaven

“Hope After Betrayal addresses one of the greatest challenges marriages are facing in the twenty-first century—the devastating effects of sexual addiction. Through sharing her own personal experience, Meg gives godly wisdom and hope to women who find themselves walking down a path they never pictured themselves taking. Many will be blessed with the resources shared in this book and in knowing they are not alone in this battle.”
—Diane Roberts
Author of Betrayed Heart
and Accept No Substitute

“Meg Wilson’s Hope After Betrayal is an honest book that also encourages honesty from the reader. I love how Meg intertwined her own story with the story of three other women to detail how sexual addiction began in their husband’s lives, and how they have followed God through the process of healing and forgiveness. I applaud Meg for laying this out there with such care and hope!”
—Clay Crosse
HolyHomes Ministries
Singer/songwriter, author

All quotes taken from Hope After Betrayal : Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage. © 2007 by Meg Wilson. Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, MI. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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