A Tale of Two Pretties!

proverbs-9I was enjoying the graduation party of my friend’s son this weekend when the idea for this blog jumped into my head. I was looking at this good looking high school graduate about to take off on a college adventure with a full-ride scholarship and a houseful of folks who will be praying for his success. I saw in his eyes, he has no idea what is ahead and the excitement of the unknown. Then I got a picture of two young beauties he was about to meet. . .

One I will call Folly and the other Virtue. This handsome and bright young man will no doubt be pursued by Folly, who could be in a magazine, and her well dressed friends. Folly will flatter him and offer all kinds of delights with no visible strings.

Meanwhile, Virtue is also attending college. She is seeking the Lord’s plan for her life and doesn’t need the attention of men to feel valuable and significant. She will be busy at her studies and the activities that bring growth and maturity.

I grieve for all the young men who have fallen prey to Folly’s seductive ways. For they learn all too late there are invisible strings that may be attached for a lifetime. No one warned them about the high chance of getting an STD or having a baby they must provide for financially. Or the lost hours spent with Folly which could have been spent on school work and activities that offer better life opportunities. Then there is the highest cost rarely seen, the loss of Virtue. You see, he missed her, walked right past her many times. But she would not be found at the same parties or places Folly would take him.

This is not a new story, it was first laid out in Proverbs, chapter nine. Actually wisdom and folly are consistent themes throughout the book of Proverbs. Though my example is a young man, the dangers are not gender specific. Our Christian daughters will face the young man, Folly. He is quite the ladies’ man, and he will try to steal her from her Christian friends and family. His lips will be full of sweet words, while Wisdom is busy following Godly pursuits.

The world scoffs at wisdom and virtue. I grieve for them, but the Word is clear about those who stand against Christ. My concern is for our Christian children. Are we sending them out armed with the Truth. Are the words and warnings of Proverbs deeply rooted in their hearts and minds for they are the enemy’s prey, and they need spiritual armor to stand again the fiery darts of the evil one. I am praying for our daughters and sons even as I type. I pray that the Lord will open their spiritual eyes wide.

May the helmet of their salvation guard their minds and the sword of the Spirit be ever ready. Put the belt of truth around them as you drive them off to college or their first apartment. Tap their chest and check for the breastplate of righteousness, and buckle their sandals with readiness from the gospel of peace. Remind them that this is their time to carry their own shield of faith, for they can’t take yours. Then stand firm as you pray and trust the Lord to do the real fighting.

Most important of all, remind them that it is never too late to stand in the path of the righteous. Even if they have dallied with Folly, there is no condemnation in Christ, and we serve the God of second chances. The sooner they turn back to the truth, the better the result. Christ died because He knew our need for redemption. There is a battle, but there is also great treasure to be had on the heels of faithfulness. The Lord delights in His kids and promises we will find Him when we seek Him with our whole heart. So parents arm your kids. Cover them in prayer. And then praise God for His covering and that He will use it all for His glory!!! We are more than conquerors in Christ!

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