On My Worst Day

On My Worst Day

In this season of hustle, bustle, and holiday stress, it is easy to lose your cool. This got me thinking about my worst days.

On my worst day, I am short with fellow shoppers, drivers, and sales clerks. I can’t find a kind word to give even in return.

On my worst day, I don’t have the energy to clean up after myself or anyone else. I can’t be bothered to anticipate another’s needs.

On my worst day, my thoughts get mired in muck. Regrets and resentment fill the airways of my mind, and I can’t find a thankful station to turn into.

On my worst day, I’m filled with fears, doubts, and low self-esteem. I can’t see anyone’s strengths for they only point to my weaknesses.

On my worst day, rude people fill me with contempt, messy people cause me to cuss, ungrateful people call me to judge, and insecure people deserve what they get.

So, on my worst day, will YOU give me grace, the benefit of the doubt, a safe place to vent, and a soft place to fall?

Because every day is somebody’s worst day!

During this season and every season, may the Lord give us His eyes, His heart, and His hands when we cross paths with someone on their worst day. And when we do cross paths, O Lord, may it NOT be when I am on my worst day!

I pray that we, dear friends, will remember that Christ died for us while we were yet sinners,—that’s on our worst day. Then enjoy this season of wonder, beauty, and peace, letting the things of this earth fall away as we delight in His glory and grace! May peace on earth and goodwill toward men reign in our hearts as we seek to make someone’s worst day better. ~Amen~

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