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Healing Hope Local Group

($120 – scholarships available)

This 12-week class takes a woman devastated by her husband’s sexual acting out and provides her with information about sexual addiction and codependency. In this small, safe community, women find they are not alone as they share their stories. The facilitator walks them through critical topics like forgiveness, trust, boundaries, and anger. The ladies come away with tools and truths to move them through their healing process from shame to victory in Christ.

NEW ~ Healing Hope Remote Groups

($120 – scholarships available)

We’re expanding our reach! There are many women in remote locations suffering alone thinking they are the only one and we’d like to change that – so we’re opening up registrations to include a NEW Healing Hope Remote Group. Everything is the same as the local group – just online. If your suffering alone please join us and other women that have been through similar pain. You will not be sorry you joined us!

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Don’t see a group in your area? With our new Hope In A Box 12 lesson curriculum you can facilitate a group of your own. The Box comes with everything you need – learn more here!