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Typically, I jump into the new year exited about a new start and all of the potential that lies ahead. This year began very different as I crawled into 2018 and missed the first week due to the flu. I have yet to feel like I am caught up. Slowly the piles are getting smaller,(comma) and I see much potential dawning in the future.

I thought I would share a sort of state of the union piece this time. From a macro view, it feels like the issues around porn use are coming out and raising awareness. The pressure continues to build from the bottom, and I anticipate a steady stream of news around this topic. Thankfully, women are being empowered to speak out, and this is good news. It also keeps us busy.

From a(remove extra space) more micro view, our classes are overflowing, and there are a lot of exciting things on the horizon. By the time you get this, you will see the new face of our website. We wanted to make it easier to find the information you need depending on the reason for engaging with Hope After Betrayal Ministries. We have different audiences: those women seeking help, of course, but also others ministering to the hurting (Counselors, Pastors, etc.) and our donors and champions who partner with us.

Some of the other opportunities coming this year will be to increase our staff as both Ida and I have too much to do. We don’t want to burn out. We are praying for volunteers to help as well. The revised and expanded version of the book, Hope After Betrayal will be released this fall and that means a new generation of women will hear about our ministry. The current board is taking ownership and all hands are on deck. This has been a huge blessing and a much needed change. I hope we can add a couple more champions this year to the board.

Most encouraging are the number of facilitators being added. Four who are new this year. We are currently serving over 40 women in the January classes. That’s more than the 20 served in our first year of ministry! Both remote and local groups have been added. We also now have a group for our alumni who want to stay connected. These developments feel like confirmation from the Lord that we are doing what He has called us to do and that He is providing for our needs.

When I look at the macro view, I can be discouraged by the darkness, but when I keep a micro view with my eyes on the Lord and what He is placing in front of me, I am more than encouraged, I am humbled and overflowing with thanksgiving. The need is great, but the Give(r) of all good things is far greater. Regardless of how your new year began, know that the One who created you has a great plan and year ahead.

Don’t forget to check out our new website (still We have tried to streamline the information for our three distinct audiences. Our passion is for the hurting women who come, they need to have easy access to the help and hope they are looking for. I hope you will take a look around and drop us a note as we appreciate your feedback.

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