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April 4, 2017

Headline: Don’t leave the women in your church who have been devastated by their husband’s sexual betrayal feeling abandoned and without hope.

Meg Wilson, Founder and CEO of local Hope After Betrayal Ministries, combined knowledge and wisdom from her successful book, Hope After Betrayal: Healing When Sexual Addiction Invades Your Marriage and ten years of leading “Healing Hope” groups into a turn-key 11 lesson curriculum with a user-friendly format.

Dateline: Vancouver, WA Launched January 2017, available to order today!

Fallout from the rapidly growing use of porn (over 50% of men in the church) and sexual addiction among men is leaving women of faith feeling alone and ashamed.

Meg Wilson has ministered to hundreds of women and received emails from all over the world. Her heart is that no women is left feeling abandoned and alone. Every church needs to host a “Healing Hope” group and every church needs Hope In A Box because every church has women silently suffering in the pews.

Today’s church is riddled with couples barely breathing after the toxic effects of porn tears away at the fiber of their marriages. The world is selling the lie that pornography is harmless adult entertainment. The traps are everywhere: brightly lit and flashing an intoxicating aroma.

Meanwhile, the church remains mostly silent on the topic, offering little or no alternatives to the seductive call of the “self-gratification siren.”

You now have the key to lifting the head of a woman mired in shame. She believes what happened is her fault and the enemy has convinced her no one would understand. This is where she sits until someone reaches out to her with God’s hands of grace and truth. Meg Wilson, was that woman in the pew over 15 years ago and she has created the tools for you to use to minister to the broken hearted. Her curriculum has everything you need to start a group and includes a minimum of one hour support from her.

Meg’s passion is that no woman is left isolated and without hope or tools to heal.

Boilerplate & media contact info:
Meg’s journey began when her husband disclosed his secret sexual life. After three years of reaching out for every resource she could find, she started a group for other women in her home church. Meg realized there was a need for a book that gave women hope, so she wrote the book she wished she had. “Hope After Betrayal” (Kregel) was born and has been well received ever since.

In 2010, Meg was invited to do an interview with Dennis Rainey & Bob Lepine, of Family Life, a ministry that provides tools and helps to struggling families. As she enjoyed a tour of the Family Life facility, they came to the theology department. There were many desks and the tour guide told her that her book had to go through all of them before she was invited to Family Life.

God then expanded Meg’s territory again as He called her to start a nonprofit, Hope After Betrayal Ministries. Being able to offer Healing Hope groups in a safe environment has enabled her to reach many more local churches. She continues to hear from women all over the globe, so she added a remote group that meets over computer.

As the need grows so does Meg’s passion to reach as many hurting woman as she can. The only way to do that was to duplicate her efforts. Three years later, “Hope in a Box” was created. This tool enables women to create the same kind of safe place for women to come and focus on their own healing journey. The groups focus on truth and tools and not what husbands have done.

Quotes from woman who have been helped:

“Meg I want to thank you for all you did to give me the confidence and the guidance to start Hope and Healing at my church. We have 6 ladies who come faithfully to our meetings. Not one of the ladies wants to leave the group when we finish your book in 2 weeks.

I also want to thank you for myself personally. Your book was one of the 26 books I read that first year. I was not a believer when I read your book but God was speaking to me anyway through my writing. Your book gave me such peace and helped me grow my faith as I moved toward the light that only God can provide to those of us who are lost in such deep fear. Thank you for helping to bring the truth of God’s love into my heart. Thank you for helping me take the focus off my husband and work on my own healing.”

“I must tell you the materials that come in Hope in A Box are amazing and I am working on getting this settled for a group. Thank you for your wonderful call.”

Hope in a Box is available for purchase at or call us at 360-356-3143. The introductory price is $199, so be sure to order before April 31st.

How to reach Meg Wilson,
Founder and CEO of Hope After Betrayal Ministries:

Hope After Betrayal Ministries
1400 NE 136th Avenue Suite 201
Vancouver, WA 98684-0993
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